A international rising voice Ronisha Williams is the founder and CEO of Viral Spiritual Birthing Center and The Glory Carrier Ministries. Ronisha Williams has become a voice for the wounded, inspiration for the hopeless and walks out the living example of Christ in the earth. Fueled by her passion to see men, women, boys and girls whole Ronisha uses her life story along with the word as a teaching mechanism. Ronisha gave her life to Christ at the age of 18. She married her husband in March of 2000, together they have 3 phenomenal children.

Ronisha was ordained as a Prophet in 2012, she begin trailblazing that ministry in 2016. Flowing in a very profound and notable way, deliverance and spiritual birthing is the peak of her ministry. Through
Ronisha’s Ministry notable miracles have taken place; from cancer being healed to destroyed vocals
being restored. Ronisha’s boldness, intense, real, raw and naked ministry has drawn many across the
nation. From tragedy of being paralyzed losing her ability to eat, talk or walk and trauma from her near
death experience and childhood she is a walking miracle. She overcame the odds after being intubated
53 times. The name Glory Carrier was birthed because of God’s weight, fullness and depth that flows
authentically through her ministry.

Ronisha birth two books From The Hospital to The Pulpit and Swallowed Up. She received the Dreamer
Award through Kish-Magazine in April 2018. Gracing the cover of Kish-Magazine Corner Edition in
November 2018. Ronisha’s ministry is rare, unique and different. Through her abilities as a Life Coach,
Mentor, Spiritual Midwife, Author and Entrepreneur she educates, equips, empower and birth out.
Ronisha continuously and faithful use all God has given her to progress and enhance the kingdom of
God. She is a true Glory Carrier.