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An international rising voice Ronisha Williams is the founder and CEO of Spiritual Birthing Center and The Weight of Glory Ministries. She also is the CEO of Glorious Dzigns Apparel. Ronisha launched her first Radio Show and Pod Cast Matters of the Heart in 2021. She trains, impart and disciple in her Prophetic School and The Weight of Glory BootCamp.

Ronisha Williams has become a voice for the wounded, inspiration for the hopeless as she mirrors the life of Christ. Fueled by her passion to see men, women, boys and girls whole Ronisha uses her life story along with the word as a teaching mechanism.

Ronisha gave her life to Christ at the age of 18. She married her husband in March of 2000, together they have 3 phenomenal children.

Ronisha was ordained as a Prophet in 2012, she begin trailblazing that ministry in 2016. Flowing in a very profound and notable way, deliverance and spiritual birthing is the peak of her ministry. She carries an Apostolic mantle where she trains and equip leaders internationally.

Through Ronisha’s Ministry notable miracles have taken place; from cancer being healed to destroyed vocals being restored, emotional healing, arthritis being healed, and many more. Ronisha’s boldness, intense, real, raw and naked ministry has drawn many across the nation. From tragedy of being paralyzed, losing her ability to eat, talk or walk and trauma from her near death experience and childhood she is a walking miracle. She overcame the odds after being intubated 58 times. The name Glory Carrier was birthed because of God’s weight, fullness, depth and measure that flows
authentically through her ministry.

Ronisha birth four books From The Hospital to The Pulpit, Revised Edition, Swallowed Up, Best Seller Beyond the Realm of you, God. She received the Dreamer Award through Kish-Magazine in April 2018. Gracing the cover of Kish-Magazine in November 2018. Ronisha’s ministry is rare, unique and different. Through her abilities as a Life Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Midwife, Author and Entrepreneur she educates, equips, empower, train and birth out. Ronisha continuously and faithful use all God has given her to progress and enhance the kingdom of God. She is a true Glory Carrier.

From Tragedy to Triumph

My life took a sudden turn after getting the flu shot. I fell critically ill and then got the got Guillain Barre Syndrome. Within hours I was paralyzed loosing my to walk, talk and formulate words. I became gravely ill being intubated over 58 times.
My health declined and doctors gave up on me, yet God had other plans for my life. I felt like I was going through a double storm physically and emotionally. The traumas on the inside was just as bad. God in the mist of a chaotic situation encountered me and gave me a second chance. I am a walking miracle and I owe it all to God.

This video talks about my journey.

god is faithful

I was 18 years old when I said I do. When I first married husband my heart was memorized by him, he had my complete heart. Then life storms hit in such a major way, it knocked me off my feet. Our marriage suffered blow after blow. People would often tell me I needed counseling, I needed to do all these things and my marriage would be better. I grew resentful toward my husband and I was angry and eventually I was emotionally divorced. No matter how hard I cried, fasted and prayed nothing lifted the state and condition of my heart. And lets not forget the list of things I did along with counseling, some of it gave a temporary relief but no real victory. God would continuously send people our way to encourage us with He was restoring our marriage and our home.

Every time I got the word and went home it seemed like a greater disaster. Then I started to truly forgive and let go and let the word penetrate my heart. In the mist of this and now doing ministry my heart was so set on not doing ministry with a dysfunctional home. No one really understood where I was and often spoke from a surface level of what they thought because of what they saw on the surface. This was so much bigger than that. Then God took me through a crushing and He stripped everything away from me, friends and family all I had was him and my husband. Things was about to turn in our favor after 21 years of marriage. We submitted under our covering, our leaders and spiritual parents and transitioned to Florida. The transition was tough but God was in it in a major way. Week after week God swept through our home. The crushing was real! The deliverance was real and the breakthrough was undeniable.

Then one Sunday God came in like a flood on me. I can’t describe to you the magnitude of how God came in but He did like a flood. This was the first time I had ever experienced deliverance like this. Afterwards the glory of God rested on me so heavily all I could do was lay there in the presence of the Lord.

Days later there was a shift in my heart I could feel it strongly. My heart was leaning toward my husband in a mighty way. It was so natural as well 🙌🏽😭. I also saw God transform my husband before my very eyes. The man I married and thought I lost was restored to a greater capacity. The man I was praying for, God superseded every prayer I ever prayed.

God restored our love, I feel like I just met him and it’s so fresh. My husband is my Best friend. I love him more than words could ever describe. He is my protector, my lover, my partner. Y’all God is a promise keeper. I’m so firm on somethings in our life takes more than just counseling a lot of people need deliverance and don’t even know it.

My life is so amazing in God and I’m so grateful I get to walk it with who God designed for me.

My son said mom I see the change in you. It has caused my whole family to SHIFT. God is so faithful and this is just the beginning. My husband and I do everything together and God is opening some major doors because of it. NEVER GIVE UP!