The Weight Of Glory Prophetic School & Bootcamp-3 Months

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The Weight of Glory BootCamp with Prophetess Ronisha Williams is designed to revitalize, strengthen, fortify and enhance your walk with Christ. This BootCamp is built upon discipleship. It’s important and imperative that you build on a solid foundation. In BootCamp training we REVIVE- REFORM- TRAIN on a intense level. YOU MUST BE READY!

This is the powerhouse level! This includes the discipleship level, the advance level and moves into spiritual government. This is a graduated course, including media exposure, a feature on spotlight calendar, Matters of the Heart Podcast, a copy of the book, Beyond the Realm of You, God and more.

We will cover Order, Protocol, Encounters and Supernatural! This is a very intense level that you must be ready for. Once you have activated this level, your life will never be the same!

9 reviews for The Weight Of Glory Prophetic School & Bootcamp-3 Months

  1. Arthur Williams

    This training is intense but life changing. It opens you up to a place in God you never experienced before.

  2. Angelica Lassiter

    Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!! This Bootcamp Birthed Out my Prophetic calling, Re-Aligned me to where God designed me to be and God healed, redeemed, reset and restored me Physically, Spiritually, Naturally and Biblically; He gave me the Name of My Ministry, I will continue seeking His face and applying what I learned to get where He desires me to be.

  3. Arthur Williams

    This bootcamp was so intense but worth the press and the push. I came out a totally different man, I am grateful for this powerful training and the teachings are mind blowing

  4. Michelle J

    This Bootcamp training was absolutely life changing!!! I’ve learned so much… Sonship Discipleship… The 7 Spirits of God. A lot of great nuggets along the way. The way God showed up in my life 🙌🏾🔥🙌🏾 The Healing… The Deliverance… The Activation. I would truly recommend this Bootcamp to others!!! So take that leap of FAITH I did! I promise you’ll never be the same 🙏🏾🔥🙏🏾

  5. Latoya Wilson

    This boot camp training was life changing for me, the teachings were intense and full of revelation.Prophetess was loving and caring to each student and her dedication to us and her ministry was displayed every week! My only bitter sweet moment was that it came to an end, I really enjoyed learning and being poured into. I have told so many people about this training and they could see the difference in me .I will forever be grateful and pray that God multiplies 1000 fold what she has pour into each individual back into to her life! Thank you woman of God you are a True servant of the lord!

  6. Cheryl Meade

    This boot camp training is intense and changes yourindset. It teaches you how to be a Diciple as the 12 Apostles were. You will learn God’s word in a way it has not been taught. I have learned more about how to live in the spirit and the supernatural which was never taught to me in all my 57 years of life. I can now see who I am in God and am starting to recognize when God is speaking amd movong in my life. This class will change who you are if you really listen and apply the teachings. Your life will never be yhe same. You will encounter God.

  7. LaTonya Hall

    Thank you for pouring into us like never before, this Bootcamp was packed with authentic details and the characteristic life of Jesus. How to navigate through the bible for every life situations, whether good or bad. I highly recommend you get connected to this training that will forever change your view of who you are and whose you are through the knowledge of His word… It will bless you tremendously and make a mighty move on you and your family… If you want know God, go deeper, break the word into it’s rightful place concerning you, Take a change make that commitment.. & watch God move like never before, trust me it’s life changing and I wouldn’t miss an opportunity for anything or anyone…💕🔥☺

  8. Shaunte’ Jones

    This bootcamp helped me understand God in a new way. The bootcamp strengthen my relationship with God and help me align me with my purpose. Prophetess Ronisha poured into the class each week with instructions and information that uplifted, encourage, motivate and educate, The spiritual information that she gives you activate your understanding of God she activate your spiritual gifts and she gives you information that will continually guide your spiritual growth.

  9. Norma Carter

    The Weight of the Glory Bootcamp was simply amazing, it was intentionally intense. God used Prophetes Ronisha Glory Carrier Williams to heighten our awareness in the spiritual realm of God, she broke down God’s words ike I’ve never heard before. This class has definitely changed my life and I WILL pursue God like never before. During our deliverance service my hands began to burn 🔥 🔥🔥🔥as they spoke over my life and I know it was the fire of God!! We need to lay down the titles and seek a true intimate relationship with God, we also need to search our hearts daily because most of our problems are matters of the ❤. My life will not be the same after this training.

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